COVID-19 Staff Protocols

As we all return to work and engage in closer interaction with our guests, it is crucially important that we act in a cautious and responsible manner at all times. The safety of our own staff, our community, and the long term success of our local and national economies depend on how we conduct our duties every day.

Every shift will have a COVID-19 Protocol Manager on duty. Usually, this will be the FOH closing shift manager. This person will be responsible for reminding staff to follow hourly cleaning duties including disinfecting key touchpoints on equipment, bathroom cleanings, etc. We will also be doing regular personal hygiene checks reminding staff that, above all, hand-washing as frequently as possible is the main way we will help prevent another outbreak.

Please read the following very carefully.

    1. No staff member should come to work or enter the building if you show signs of fever, runny nose, persistent cough, sore throat, or headaches. Call 811 right away to receive proper medical advice.
    2. We all must all wear personal masks during service.
    3. Throughout the restaurant will be hand sanitizing stations. These are primarily meant for guests but can be used by the staff as well. They should be filled to the top prior to each service.
    4.  Staff must wash their hands as often as possible during their shift, but as a rule, it should be a minimum of every 10-15 minutes. Besides regular handwashing, the following situations require mandatory hand sanitizing:
        • When entering or exiting the kitchen
        • Before taking and distributing menus to guests
        • Before approaching a new table to take orders or deliver beverages
        • Before taking food from the pass to deliver to a table
        • Immediately after clearing a table and scraping food, handling used cutlery or glassware to the dish pit
    5. Each shift two staff members (1 male and 1 female) will be responsible for hourly washroom cleaning checks. Details of the surfaces which need to be disinfected each hour will be posted on the back of the doors in each washroom.
    6. The host will be responsible for disinfecting the handles on the main doors, the POS terminals, credit card machines between uses, and the telephone. These are considered KEY TOUCHPOINTS and represent high-risk infection areas.
    7. Menus are single-use and must be disposed of once handled by a guest.
    8. Tabletops and chairs are considered key touch pints and disinfecting must occur before seating each guest.

    STEP 1: Clean table with surface Citrablast cleaner
    STEP 2: Spray the table surface with KEYSTONE *DIN certified disinfectant
    STEP 3: Wait 5 minutes and dry with a clean paper towel
    *DIN refers to Drug Identification Number which identifies cleaners approved by Health Canada.